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January 11

The Cathedral of Junk, Cadillac Ranch and the World’s Largest Roadrunner: Oh what sights I’ve seen

Everyone has quirks. Some are more lovable than others. My father’s inability to lose a game of Trivial Pursuit gracefully. My stiff British upper lip friend’s utter discomfort with the thought of Croatian nudist beaches. My cat’s belief that ferociously dribbling all over me whenever I pet her is a suitable gesture of gratitude. People […]

May 19

The Border Crossing Experiences: Shenzhen/Hong Kong. 2004

I’ve been lucky enough to get to a see a lot of the world and travel to more countries than most people have. I’m very appreciative of that and don’t take it for granted. However, one salient element of the travelling process has not been very good to me over the years: issues at the […]