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December 21

48 Hours in Girona: Dali, Girona Cathedral and the Call

Girona is known for one of the best maintained Jewish Quarters in Europe – ‘the Call’. Arriving in the morning from Barcelona, I gleefully abandoned my 20 kg backpack (light packing has never been my forte). I headed straight for the train station, and hopped on the first train to Figueres, birthplace of Salvador Dali. Figueres […]

November 08

Shin Deep in Tomatoes and Soaked in Wine: The Beginner’s Guide to Spanish Festivals

Despite planning for months to go to La Tomatina, we had neglected to get around to bookıng until the last mınute. Consequentially, every sıngle hostel bed ın Valencia was long gone. It looked like we’d be making ourselves cosy on a park bench…until I found Stoke Travel. Stoke ıs an Aussie company catering to young […]