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June 02

From Patagonia to Panama

Arriving at Capurgana Port, we were soggy, high on adrenaline and exhausted from our two day traveling stint to get there. Deposited in the middle of nowhere, we were ready for some relaxation. Really wanting to pinch our pennies, we dismissed the hostel with harbor views and hammocks and dragged ourselves around the stony streets […]

May 23

The difference between a vacation and backpacking – The road to Capurgana

The end of my time in South America was nigh. A flight from Bogota to Europe loomed, on the third most dangerous airline in the world (I will forever be grateful my father withheld that delightful little fact until AFTER I had successfully completed all my Avianca flights). The only thing to do was go […]

May 21

Midnight Swims in Playa Blanca

Cartagena is a mecca for tourists visiting Colombia and as a result there are millions of touts hard selling day trips to Playa Blanca, a beautiful beach on the Isla de Rosario. Everything we’d heard about these tours sounded like an overpriced, padded out waste of time. Still wanting to see what sounded like a […]

May 20

Covered in Mud: A trip to a Colombian mud volcano

After our rain soaked experience on the streets of Cartagena, we decided to spend the following day covering ourselves in another substance: mud! Helen and I had been eagerly anticipating the Volcan de Lodo El Totumo since reading about it several weeks prior, but poor Bea wasn’t such a fan. Her childhood fear was mud […]

May 17

“I like sex! I like sex!”: Adventures in Cartagena

Cartagena de Indias is the bread and butter of Colombian tourism. A beautiful colonial town with still intact walled remains, it is de rigor for anyone visiting┬áColombia to include it in their itinerary. Colorful, gorgeous and a historical delight, it is also the most touristy place in Colombia, and the sheer amount of vendors pounding […]

April 26

Learning the hard way that hammocks and second degree sunburn don’t mix

My latest destination And so I left my Amazonian home and winged my way to Santa Marta, at the opposite end of Colombia. The Leticia-Bogota leg was particularly enjoyable, with the plane swinging wildly from side to side, made even better by the fact that the day before I had read a book describing a […]

April 20

The time that a craving for M&M’s nearly killed me

I’d been in Leticia for 2 weeks. Used to dodging motorcycles to cross the road, being woken up at 5am by army drills and not ever quite used to overwhelming heat, but used to how ununsed I was to it. Unable to do a weekend jungle trip like I had hoped thanks to eye watering […]

April 20

A Day on the Rio Amazonas

Going on jungle trips in the Amazon was a lot harder to organize than I┬┤d imagined. As a solo traveller, it was near impossible to arrange anything and even if I had, I would have paid far, far more than what I could afford. It was very frustrating, but I decided to invest my money […]

August 20

Jungle Fever

In a sudden blur, I found myself having left quiet, sedate Chile where I knew the streets and metro stops and had made friends, and crash landing in an Amazonian border town (literally – the budget airplane I took skidded to the side when landing in Leticia) Despite spending one and a half months in […]