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August 20

My Day of Living Dangerously: I Fell Off a Horse

On my third day in Easter Island, I manged to fall off a galloping horse, go caving on the spur of the moment and ride a motorcycle with no helmet. It was an action packed day. Such a serene scene belies the violent way I got to the top of Terravaka… We’d agreed to split […]

August 20

I went to Easter Island and all I got was the best place in the world

Anyone who talked to me in the six months or so before I left on my travels will know I was fanatically obsessed with the fact that I was going to Easter Island and that I spent a considerable amount of time going on about it – to the point that my father threatened to […]

August 20

Couchsurfing, Muddy Jeans and Yet More Rain: The Lakes District

Back on terra firma after five days at sea, we spent the first 24 hours unable to stop ourselves from swaying back and forth. Christelle, our Super Negotiator, demanded us a free taxi ride to our couchsurfing host´s house, even though we had one last Navimag “right away!” to contend with. Eventually we drove out […]

July 22

The Navimag is NOT a cruise

The ship´s map system, informing us we´d reached the Glacier I realise I haven’t properly explained what the whole Navimag shebang really is, so here is a quick explanation: As Lonely Planet was at pains to point out repeatedly, the Navimag is NOT a cruise. It is a cargo ship that still carries cargo up and […]

May 19

Hitchhiking, Mormons and warmed up chocolate milk – oh my!

Let´s pick up where we left me last – soaking wet, making friends with a sorrowful black lab at the Castro Rural Bus Terminal and about to embark on a 4 hour bus ride back to Puerto Montt. The bus ride was rather average due to Quielen Bus’ policy of not turning away a single customer. […]

May 06

Isla de Chiloé – Shingles, microbuses and curanto

Chiloé, Chile – the second largest island in South America, home of one of the most distinct architectural styles in Chile and famous for its wooden churches and permanently overcast weather. Having read two separate guidebooks talking it up as the most intriguing spot in Chile, I decided to head down south to the beginnings […]

May 05

Kissing in Chile – A visual guide to not alienating your new Chilean friends

Saying hello in Chile can sometimes descend into an utter farce. Although a seemingly simple cultural concept, my month and a bit in Chile has made me realise how difficult it can be. Like many other places in the world (sometimes it feels like New Zealand is the only country in the world that maintains […]

May 01

Stargazing and Pisco Tasting: Four Days in La Serena

“I know what you´re doing in Chile. You´re learning Spanish and you´re partying” – So said my seemingly simple brother when I accused him of not properly following my overseas adventures. Out of the mouth of babes. The fact that my last three weeks in Santiago had been one constant stream of events leading to […]

April 13

Five observations on life in Santiago, Chile

Observation One: It must be difficult to be a newly single person in Santiago. (No, I didn’t take these photos. Even I, photo taker extreme, draw the line at taking photos of strangers in intimate positions) With my reluctant gimp like status impacting my ability to get out and about, my daily 15 minutes walks […]

April 01

The Hills of Valparaíso

Ahh, what a difference a split second can make to one’s life/plans/emotions… …but more on that later. On Wednesday, I went to my new favourite city in Chile – Valparaíso. Known popularly as ‘Valpo’ in Chile, its a coastal city known for its steep hills, funiculars and brightly coloured houses. My homestay mother Yali summed […]