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June 02

From Patagonia to Panama

Arriving at Capurgana Port, we were soggy, high on adrenaline and exhausted from our two day traveling stint to get there. Deposited in the middle of nowhere, we were ready for some relaxation. Really wanting to pinch our pennies, we dismissed the hostel with harbor views and hammocks and dragged ourselves around the stony streets […]

April 20

The time that a craving for M&M’s nearly killed me

I’d been in Leticia for 2 weeks. Used to dodging motorcycles to cross the road, being woken up at 5am by army drills and not ever quite used to overwhelming heat, but used to how ununsed I was to it. Unable to do a weekend jungle trip like I had hoped thanks to eye watering […]

May 19

The Border Crossing Experiences: Shenzhen/Hong Kong. 2004

I’ve been lucky enough to get to a see a lot of the world and travel to more countries than most people have. I’m very appreciative of that and don’t take it for granted. However, one salient element of the travelling process has not been very good to me over the years: issues at the […]