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January 27

5 Things I Love…about living in England

Its a fact of life: I am a foreigner in the British Isles, and will never be a true Brit. I don’t understand the fascination with a cup of tea, think Jaffa Cakes are only moderately good and refer to ‘crisps’ as chips (and if I’m honest, pronounce it ‘chups’). Having moved here five months […]

January 19

“From Europe to Asia”: Turkey through the eyes of the 18 year old Kiwi version of Karl Pilkington

And so I arrived in Istanbul, ready for three and a half weeks of backpacking with my 18 year old brother who – to put it gently – was a travel novice. He had arrived the day before me and in a 24 hour period had managed to get himself trapped in a carpet store […]

January 11

The Cathedral of Junk, Cadillac Ranch and the World’s Largest Roadrunner: Oh what sights I’ve seen

Everyone has quirks. Some are more lovable than others. My father’s inability to lose a game of Trivial Pursuit gracefully. My stiff British upper lip friend’s utter discomfort with the thought of Croatian nudist beaches. My cat’s belief that ferociously dribbling all over me whenever I pet her is a suitable gesture of gratitude. People […]

January 09

48 Hours in Montenegro: The time I watched Serbian-dubbed Sex and the City alongside a man with an aversion to pyjamas

On our last day on Croatian soil, Alex and I said our goodbyes at the bus station (which had seemed such a short distance by car but in the sweltering sun with heavy backpacks was a rather arduous walk.) While Alex bussed his way to Dubrovnik Airport, back to England for an exciting schedule of […]

January 06

Auld Lang Syne: New Years Past

Some people spend their New Year’s Eve hours in classy settings, bedecked in glad rags and expensive champagne in mind. At 11.59pm on the 31st December 2013, I was surrounded by four shirtless Austrians loudly and not at all tunefully belt out the Austrian National Anthem. Speaking of Austrian displays of nationalism, one of the […]

December 21

48 Hours in Girona: Dali, Girona Cathedral and the Call

Girona is known for one of the best maintained Jewish Quarters in Europe – ‘the Call’. Arriving in the morning from Barcelona, I gleefully abandoned my 20 kg backpack (light packing has never been my forte). I headed straight for the train station, and hopped on the first train to Figueres, birthplace of Salvador Dali. Figueres […]

December 20

Top Five Country Songs of 2013

I have a not so secret love for country music. I am eagerly awaiting Dolly Parton’s concert in June 2014, spent more nights than I care to admit line dancing during my year in Texas, and can put on a pretty mean drawl during karaoke. I am truly a country music tragic. There has been […]

December 19

“Lost between two shores” – Reflections

No one ever said moving was easy. And as someone who regularly packs up her life and shifts countries every few years, I knew all too well moving to London as an international student would be its own special exercise in (un)belonging. I won’t dwell on the reasons why London is a tough city to […]

November 08

Shin Deep in Tomatoes and Soaked in Wine: The Beginner’s Guide to Spanish Festivals

Despite planning for months to go to La Tomatina, we had neglected to get around to bookıng until the last mınute. Consequentially, every sıngle hostel bed ın Valencia was long gone. It looked like we’d be making ourselves cosy on a park bench…until I found Stoke Travel. Stoke ıs an Aussie company catering to young […]

October 03

The end of the South American Odyssey

Leaving Capurgana behind us, Bea and I headed back on the boat to Turbo, along with our new friend from Miami, who had blindingly white teeth. Disappointingly, the weather was fine and the sea calm, so our return trip was rather timid, with absolutely no threat of death. In addition to a calm journey by […]