48 Hours in Girona: Dali, Girona Cathedral and the Call

Girona is known for one of the best maintained Jewish Quarters in Europe – ‘the Call’. Arriving in the morning from Barcelona, I gleefully abandoned my 20 kg backpack (light packing has never been my forte). I headed straight for the train station, and hopped on the first train to Figueres, birthplace of Salvador Dali. Figueres boasts an excellent Dali museum. I had a lovely afternoon wandering around the exhibits.


I had an even better time the next day, ambling up and down the tiny alleyways of the Call. I enjoyed the Jewish History Museum and its fascinating exhibits which made Jewish life in medieval Girona come alive.

Sans a guidebook, I hadn’t realised that the Cathedral of Girona is one of the most stunning buildings in all of Europe. I had hemmed and hawed about paying the entrance fee to go into the Cathedral, concerned it might be better spent on necessaries like food and transport, but buying an admissions ticket was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.


The Cathedral has the largest nave in the world and having gone in blind with no real expectations, I was blown away. My first ten minutes in the nave saw me stood still, staring up in wonder at the beauty of it all. It was absolutely breathtaking.

Pictures couldn’t possibly do it justice but if ever there were a case of unexpected delights, Girona Cathedral is it.