And now from our New Zealand correspondent…

So Melbourne has a daily commuter newspaper, mostly filled with fluff and pseudo-newsy items. Since moving here nearly two months ago, I’ve noticed that the proportion of coverage they devote to weird news coming out of New Zealand is out of control. No wonder most Australians think I live in a mud shack with no electricity and only sheep for friends when this is their primary exposure to New Zealand. To prove my case, every eccentric story coming from New Zealand that I see in mX will be posted here. I’m only sad that I’ve carelessly tossed away so many previous editions with stories of comic gold.


Hollandaise sauce has created a bizarre traffic hazard in New Zealand, with a 2.5km slick causing at least two cars to slide off a major highway. Police said a farmer was carting a 100-litre drum of “reject” sauce to feed his animals when it spilled on a Wellington highway.

Inspector Mike Colman joke: “Our thoughts are also with the people of the Wairarapa, who sadly may have to go without eggs Benedict this weekend.”